Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day

While having your family BBQ this weekend give a thought or two to the service men and women who have died defending you and those you love. If you head to a local parade respect the solemness of the occasion. Pray to whoever it is you pray to, that peace will one day come to the world and we will add no more names to those who fell in war. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Snake in the Locker Room

Got to work on Thursday and Joe the custodian tells us there's a snake loose in the school. He saw it but couldn't catch "the bastard", it was to fast for him. Ok that's it we're going home. I am petrified of all those creepy crawly things. Spiders, hornets, bees of any kind I have no problem but lizards and snakes no way. It was last seen heading down the locker room hallway. The track coach is now freaking because he has to go into the locker room after school and is worse than we were. 

It was 7th grade MCAS testing day so we were in the library with our small groups when we hear a blood curdling scream.... Donna looks at Lynda and I and says, "Guess they found the snake". Next thing we see this 8th grade girl heading towards the office holding this thing, smiling like you can't imagine. She wants to bring it to a science room and keep it........ well thank you CC, he made her release it into the wild!! 

Now the question is how did the "little bastard", to quote Joe, get into the school, and how did the 8th grade boys know about it????....well some of the boys track team thought it would be funny if they left it in the girls locker of today, no ones taking credit for the deed, no one knows anything........ isn't that a surprise!

Seventeen days left in the school year, but who's counting!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I knew it had to happen...

I knew it would happen sooner of later, one of the kids asked me today how Gee died. It started because A asked me what Hospice was/meant. He is reading a book which has a character enter a hospice center.  After explaining that it was more of an idea than a place. That it is a method of care that helps dying  people come to the end of their lives without pain and with dignity. That many people choose to stop all other medical care and die in peace.

Then he said it, like your husband? Yes A, like my husband. So I told him that after many, many years of fighting cancer Gee decided he was done. No more treatments, he had had enough. That he wanted to die at home, so we brought him home. After thinking about it for a minute he says,  I bet you miss him.....Yes A I  miss him....

I had thought it was going to be this very traumatic issue for me, and it really wasn't. It was very matter of fact, no drama just information. It is now that I become emotional. When A was asking questions I guess because he was sincere and the whole conversation came about so gradually it was more of a teaching moment than a personal one.