Sunday, August 21, 2016


Well, a new year is almost here. I am very apprehensive about the future. We have a whole new administration. Everyone, Deb, Sam, Murph and Kate all moved on to greener pastures. So there will be new bosses everywhere, Principal, VP, Dean of Students and Sp-Ed chair. That's a whole lot of new. Not to mention they needed to fill 6 special ed teachers, two maternity leaves and a paternity leave. The place wont look the same at all.

So had a meeting with the new boss. Lets just say not feeling very good about it. She isn't sure about the backpack program...wants us n the classrooms (we always did it on own time)....ok but this has come from the Superintendent....well we'll have to think about that..... How do you feel about Project Support.... can't do the emotional or physical aspects of the job anymore... My feelings are she sat there pretending to listen but has already made her mind up so nothing I said made a difference. Really, you come to a very poor district where almost half of our kids are free or reduced lunch and you don't know if you want to help feed them over the weekend, not a good sign at all. My feeling...I'm screwed....

Steve has left for school, two years in Ithaca. Rachel will stay here. She would have to be re-licensed to work in New York. They are getting closer to picking a date for the wedding....2018, because of Steve's financial aid can't be sooner. They have decided that it will be small, 50 people or so. Rachel has always wanted a fall wedding but that might have to be changed too. Steve will have no insurance come August '18 so they have been discussing a spring wedding...that to we will have to wait and see.


 My new boss has done as I predicted...I am back in Project much for caring for her staff and students....