Saturday, January 26, 2013

Renewed Spirit

There is a young boy that comes into breakfast every morning. He is a student in the RISE program, formally know as Life Skills. He is such a joyful little boy, always smiling. He told me today, all excited, "Mrs G, my mother said I was so good yesterday I can have chocolate milk for breakfast!'
He was so proud of himself.

This little guy finds joy wherever he goes. Whenever I see him that smile is on his face. He skips down the halls, says hello to any and all he meets.  Still believes the world is a kind and wonderful place. That everyone he meets wants nothing more than to be his friend.

How can your spirit not be renewed when you talk to someone to whom the greatest thing on Earth is that your Mom said you can have chocolate milk for breakfast!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Depression: sadness; gloom; dejection.

That sums up how I have felt for the past month or so. I have said it before, I wouldn't get out of bed if the animals didn't need to be cared for. I often feel like going to bed, pulling the covers over my head and stying there forever....

I once found satisfaction at work, but these days it is such a chore. In the past I worked with kids that were a challenge but who were likable in many ways. These guys this year I can't. How can you like someone who, because they thought it was funny, terrorized a 6th grade girl with two of his buddies while walking home. Charges pending.....

I don't understand how these kids can justify treating each other the way they do. They are nasty, dirty and just down right awful to us and to each other. In the past we have had a few kids who are troublemakers, the ones who are defiant, or just don't care what happens to them. These days on the 7th grade floor we have 15-20 if we have 1.  Many of these kids parents don't see a problem with their child, or look at it as that's your (the schools) problem. How can you not care that by December your child has been suspended more than 7 times, plus had at least 5 days of in house suspension.

Many teachers are leaving as soon as they can, 20 years and out. There are very few teachers that stay past that magic retirement number. No more Miss Smiths, who taught all my brothers and sisters along with my father and his brothers and sister. Mrs. Waterman, Mrs Sheldon, Miss Laskey...all those teachers who taught for 30-35 years...

I'm sure the weather doesn't help how I've been feeling, dark gloomy, cold......looking forward to February vacation already!