Saturday, March 31, 2012

Old Dog and Other Things

I have just finished a book every dog lover should read, A Dog's Purpose,written by W. Bruce Cameron. My friend Lynda gave it to me. I laughed, I cried, couldn't put it down. I loved it.

My old dog earned his keep last night. It was about 10 pm I was putting him out before going to bed. I hooked his collar and he bolted off the deck, barking up a storm, there was someone in the front yard. Who ever it was took off quickly. Good old dog. He may be loosing his hearing, his eyesight is getting bad and I worry about him going down the stairs but he is still my protector. He was so happy with himself, prancing back up on the deck. Just like he does when he chases off the paperboy or the mailman. There has been some car break ins in the area, taking cash, GPS's and anything else that can be had out of a car. I can't say that was what was going on but I called the police. Nothing came of it, as far as I know.

It has been a very long week. First round of MCAS testing is finally over after two weeks. It's hard on the kids testing for 2-3 hours every few days. It's even harder on those who have to administer the test every day for two weeks. I have a kid from each grade that needs a 1 to 1 to test. Two of my kids need me to not only read the test to them but also scribe for them. One of the kids hasn't been in a regular ed classroom ever, but the state says he has to take this test, and his scores will be averaged in with the rest of the regular ed kids. Not fair to anyone. With 19 kids in 6th grade needing 1 to 1 testing and who knows how many small group testing is going on is there a wonder why the Middle School is in danger of being classified as under performing? With a student body with more than 40% receiving free or reduced lunch I think we have more issues here than test scores....

Rachel didn't come home this weekend, she is at UMASS. This is one of the few weekends Steve has free through the school year. It wont be as bad next year as he wont be involved in marching band. He is going to miss it, however his class load just wont allow the time required.  His interview went so well the department head will allow him to triple major, performance, teaching and composition. It will be a five year plan for him but he's very determined. They will be home for the summer in May, Rachel's last final is on the 9th. She is still looking for a job, but no luck yet.  We have a new grocery store being built in town she has filled out an application as did half the town I would guess. She will go to the Nursing Home where she interned last year to see if there is anything available. She would love to go back doing what she did last year but it wasn't paid.

Monday will begin the fourth marking term, the end is near. I haven't decided if I will apply for summer school. I really don't want to work the pre school, which was where I went the last time I worked summer school. I may have to ask for the Rise program at the Middle School and if I don't get it figure something else out.  As Gee would say it all works out for the best...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Home Again

Well we are home again. Spent Rachel's spring break in Washington DC. We had a great time visiting all the museums and monuments. We went to the zoo and saw the pandas, who weren't as big as I thought they would be. Our one disappointment, Mr. Rogers sweater wasn't on display in the Museum of American History.

The animals were fine while we were gone. Jack and Clayton took care of Buster here and Freddie went for a vacation to the vets. Extra walks, played with the other dogs, had a great time they tell me. He was very happy to see us.

Rachel will be going back to school on Sunday with less than 2 months left. I have MCAS testing for the next 2 weeks and then on to the last quarter of the year. With only one snow day this year we will be getting out June 12th.

Jack has 4 new babies, his cat Chloe has had kittens. They are in a "bucket" in Jacks room, "you can only look at them no touching them" Chloe being a rather small cat, can't manage getting the kittens and herself out of the box. She had moved them into Jacks bed at night, hence the bucket (plastic bin).

Rachel is already planning our next trip. She would like to head back to the Land of the Mouse. In 2 years to visit the new and improved Fantasy Land.Jack will be almost 5 then...maybe a family vacation next time...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Road Trip

Well one of the teachers from game night has asked us to go on a two week road trip through the Rocky Mountains. Seems she has a two week time share in Vail Co., so it would only cost us shares in the rental, food and plane ticket. I so wanted to say sure. Unfortunatly Rachel likes to be warm in the winter and she likes to eat. Also my mortgage company likes the idea of getting paid every month. So I will remain here feeling very jealous of all those who can manage to go.

MCAS season is upon us. This is the state test that the students are expected to pass before graduation. I had a 6th grader for a one to one practice session. This kid is a Project Support kid, I follow him regularly to see if he has been keeping up with homework, classwork and anything else the teachers feel we need to make sure is taken care of.  This was Reading Comp. today. Read, answer some questions and some short answers. The practice sessions are for us as staff more than anything...making sure everyone is covered, receiving the accommodations they are entitled to. Tomorrow is 8th grade and on Friday it will be 7th grades turn.

We leave on Saturday morning, early, for D.C, This is a Rachel led trip. We will be going to the National Zoo, a night tour of the monuments and we are going to visit Mr Rogers sweater. She would like to go to Arlington Cemetery, and any other museum along the Mall. We'll need to see what time allows. I am so very lucky, she still likes to hang out with her mother and her friends.

Another small bit of information....Jack's kitty Chloe has had kittens. He called me all excieted Saturday morning, "Gammie we have babies". I would love to take a kitten, but I really couldn't do that to Buster. He has been an only cat for 11 years now I doubt he'd be very hospitable to a new addition.