Wednesday, October 29, 2014


One of my closest childhood friend has passed away. He was only 58 years old....Dickie was the guy that everyone liked. He was funny and kind and full of fun. He was always up for an adventure. We once skipped school, went to Boston, and just got on the subway. We had no clue where we were headed so he asks this guy where we were going. The guy just looked at us and shook his head and asked where in hell were we from,(out in the sticks) took pity on us and told us how to get back to where we parked the car.

His dad would go to the automobile auctions and buy burnt or damaged cars to repair. So we would get to use what ever car was being sold at the time...."good advertising" his dad would say. We rode in Corvettes, MG's, an Austin Healey and then he let us take the Pantera once. How cool is that to be 16 running the streets in a bright yellow sports car most men dream about...

We held each others secrets, we knew each others fears. I think our folks always thought we would one day get married, but he was my friend, never more than that.

We had lost touch over the years. I don't know why, just got busy with our lives I guess. The one thing I can say....All my best stories from when I was a kid start with " My friend Dickie and I....."

I will miss you my dear friend, I send my love and pray you find peace.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


We had the day off from school today, Columbus Day.. What to do?? Head north of coarse!

Went to York on the Maine coast. I love the ocean during the off season. Lynda and I walked on the beach, headed to the lighthouse, sat on the rocks and watched the water, felt the breeze, it was wonderful.

We then headed to Kittery to go shopping. We stopped at When Pigs Fly bakery....nirvana for bread lovers. There was bread everywhere, hot crusty bread, made with fruit and herbs,  wheat, rye, pumpernickel, bread everywhere! For me it was almost torture....must avoid to many carbs....diabetic don't ya know!

We stopped in at Yummies to pick up skybars for Bob, Lynda's husband. This place is chuck full of candy. All those penny candies we all loved as kids are here. Turkish taffy, hot balls, sweet tarts, the list goes on forever.

We ended the day at the trading post. Walking around being silly. All in all a great day off. Can't wait for the next one!