Sunday, June 24, 2012

looking at number 7

It's official, my teacher, J is taking a job in another school. I am now looking at teacher 7 in 5 years. I knew she wouldn't be around for long. She needs to do her practicum for her masters in a severe disabilities classroom, we are moderate. So what does this mean for me?? Well nothing right now, come the end of August it could mean I take over the class room once again. I'm hoping that wont happen. I hoped to be more of an inclusion para than behavioral. Administration keeps telling me I will have a totally new purpose come September. 

I took a class on Accommodation and Modification over the past week. I have to say Lynda and I were surprised how little the regular ed teachers know about this stuff. The younger teachers are so much more receptive on how best to do these things. The older teachers, well that's a different story. One guy, to remain nameless, actually said accommodating and/or modification was cheating. So I asked him, if you have a kid who reads on a 3rd grade level how do you expect him to understand the material if he can't read it? His answer, he'll just have to suck it up and work harder...I kid you about dinosaur thinking. I have to say this guy was one of Rachel's teachers. I never had an issue with him, but hearing him talk, we defiantly could have.

Heading out for a road trip in the morning with the game night ladies. Don't know where we are heading, Judy is driving, it's her choice.  All I know is we're heading north.....

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last Day of School

The last day of a year I thought would never ever end. I started the year with one teacher and ended it with another. I liked both the teachers I worked with this year. K really didn't want to be in Project Support, and was out often. J is funny, young, and a bit overzealous. She isn't going to stay either, her masters is in severe disability, she has been looking for another  position.

We had two kids expelled. Both needed way more than we could give them. I hope they both find the help they need.

We had our first full time girl. Let me tell you I have had real thugs, drug dealers, criminals come through that room none of them was as tiring as that one girl is. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA.  For someone who couldn't go anywhere by herself, had to eat lunch with the 6th graders instead of her own grade level, and still  she manages to find trouble.

We had the end of the year party yesterday. I wasn't going to go, as usual. Lynda, as usual, dragged me along. It was fun. Beer pong was the main event. One of the best teachers in the school has retired. We will miss her so very much.

So what's up next? I start a class this morning on Modifying and Accommodating curriculum. Chris, the principle, is going to let Lynda and I, and any other Paraprofessionals who are interested monitor the class for free. We probably have more experience already than most of the teachers taking the class for credit. He keeps telling us we should go back to school.

Well I have to say some of the teachers from the other buildings are taken back from how sarcastic, funny, and down right blunt Chris is.  I guess we are just used to him. There is no BS with Chris, straight up he can be a great guy to work for if you do what is expected of you, but if you don't you'll be sure to know of his displeasure.

We'll see how this goes....