Sunday, January 29, 2012

Report Cards

The boys got their report cards on Friday. F did better than last term, but still failing two classes. No gym for him again third term, academic support with me. He is thrilled.

 A got all 80's!! He is going to receive the Most Improved Award for the term for Science!! His grade rose more than 20 points! What a difference a new medication can make. We keep our fingers crossed that he doesn't start having reactions to it. It has been about 6 weeks now and he is still doing great. We still need to work on his personal space issues, and the all about A things but I'm so happy for him. He said it was the first time he's ever been happy about bringing a report card home. WAY TO GO A!!!!!

So far I have been lucky, "knock on wood", and not gotten the new round of winter virus raging through the school. One of the science teachers came to school on Thursday, said his stomach just "wasn't great". By 9 he had thrilled his B block class with vomiting into his trash. I saw him yesterday, Saturday, at the school play, still looking pale. Everyone is covering everywhere. The sixth grade had 4 out of 8 teachers out on Friday.

As for the play....the costumes were great!!! Well I was the costume lady once again. Joanne, the director, did get alot of stuff from the theater guild. The kids did The Wizard of Oz and they were wonderful. I made some fantastic trees and doodlebug wings! I will help Joanne with the High School again this year. Shouldn't be much of a problem, Legally Blond, the kids will wear alot of their own clothes.

Half a year over, crunch time for the 8th grade. After February vacation they will pick their class for next year.  March brings MCAS testing, 8th grade tests in Math, ELA,read comp and writing, Science, Tech ED and I believe this will be the first year Social Studies is included. They will have to pass these tests to graduate.

New term begins....

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Back to Westfield

Rachel's last weekend home. She heads back to school on Sunday. We rode out to the school yesterday to get her books, avoiding the crowds on Monday. Renting all but two of her books, it cost her close to $300! I can't believe it, what would it have cost her to buy them....I don't want to know.

I met her boss, Sid, at the help desk. We were heading to the bathroom and he was at the window. Rachel was a bit embarrassed,  he was so full of praise and kind words,. The woman he had been talking to commented on what a recommendation he had just given her. Rachel couldn't say a word. She has never learned to take a compliment. As we walked into the book store she says, "He's like that to everyone". I have to say I have my doubts.

Have to get all her laundry done, I can't get over how many dirty clothes she generates! I am doing laundry every day. If it isn't towels its jeans...I'm sure she doesn't do this much laundry at school!

We are going to be more mindful on how much stuff we pack to take back with us. The parking lot of her building is closed due to construction. So we have to lug everything from a lot that is about 300 yards away. It will be closed until the new building is finished, Rachel thinks it will be 2014, if all goes well. She likes this building and wants to be in it again next year....I just think of move in day...might just be move in month if we have to lug everything across the quad.

Clayton Katie and Jack stopped bye to see Rachel before she heads back. Jack wasn't sure about Steve. Didn't take long, he gave everyone hugs when he left. They were heading to Leominster. Meeting Derek and Bradeigh for dinner at Chucky Cheese. Jack told me he had "chucky money" to play games.

Fred already knows something is going on. All the stuff piled in the dinning room. He keeps walking around smelling everything. He's a funny dog, sleeping in her room. Like if he does that she wont go anywhere. The cat, well like most cats, can't be bothered.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Spring Break and Other Stuff

I booked a trip to Washington DC over Rachel's spring break. Ann and Laureen will be coming with us. Ann has been after me for years to go. Rachel has been saying she wants to see Mr. Rogers sweater, she just loved his show. We will be flying in on Saturday and returning on Wednesday. Ann  and I have to work on Thursday.

 Clayton will take care of Buster, the cat. Freddie has his reservations at the vet for boarding. He had a great time the last time he was there. Extra walks, playing with the other dogs and got his nails cut. May have them groom him while on his vacation to the spa, so to speak.

Seems the school system is going to allow the paraprofessionals to participate in the training seminar for the All Star program. This program is one of many that teaches middle school age kids about many social issues. The program is going to be integrated into the daily curriculum beginning next year. We either go to the seminar or we will have classes as professional development over the school year. I would much rather have it done with. Getting paid extra for going over February vacation isn't bad either.

Marks close on Friday....a half a year has passed already. Doesn't seem like it. We will soon be in the middle of MCAS testing and then the 8th grade will be heading out the door for the high school. Can't say I'll be sad to see them go. These guys are the toughest group that have come through in a very long time. Very needy, nasty to each other, and nasty to the staff. They defiantly feel entitled to something, what it is can't put my finger on but they are a tough lot. I will miss A, and I will worry about him too. In many ways he seems to young and immature to go over to the high school.

Rachel goes back to school on Sunday. It will be very quiet around here without her and Steve hanging around. She will be coming home for weekends unless she heads over to UMASS to visit Steve. There isn't much to do at Westfield over the weekend if you aren't part of the party crowd and don't have a car. She will leave her car home until spring....just a pain every time it snows, moving it for the plows two or three times. She will need to re-apply for the social work program at the end of the semester. With her grades she will have no problem. she also has community service credits with her Lambda Sigma work and her involvement in QSA, Queer Straight Alliance, she's the Secretary. She'll worry about that until she gets notified that she was accepted. I can't help thinking how very proud Gee would be of her, he always was but she has surpassed all of our hopes for her.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I didn't want to get up today. I was dreaming of Gee. If no where but in my dreams he was with me. I felt his hand in mine, his gentle kiss, the warmth of him beside me.........and then I woke, and he was gone.

Gee was such a gentle man. Many who knew him wouldn't believe me, but he was. Even after spending most of his life fighting to survive, he still had a gentleness of spirit that amazed me to the end. Always believing there was someone worse off than he.

I had printed old pictures for his sister this weekend, he has been in my thoughts more than usual of late. He is always there but lately he is so close to the surface. Looking at pictures of Clayton's wedding, he looked tired but not gaunt, sickly and so very thin as he would so very soon after. The pictures of him and Jack, of he and Rachel, his smile so warm and inviting.

Rachel and I had a recent eye doctor appointment, Joel asked about him, not knowing he passed away.Another gentle soul, Joel, tears as he tells me he was so sorry, he had no idea, Gee never let on that he was so sick the last time he had been in.

 Gee touched everyone he met. Still, after a year I hear from people who knew him telling me how great he was.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years

Happy New Year......I hope we all have a safe and peaceful year ahead of us.