Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Road Trip

Well one of the teachers from game night has asked us to go on a two week road trip through the Rocky Mountains. Seems she has a two week time share in Vail Co., so it would only cost us shares in the rental, food and plane ticket. I so wanted to say sure. Unfortunatly Rachel likes to be warm in the winter and she likes to eat. Also my mortgage company likes the idea of getting paid every month. So I will remain here feeling very jealous of all those who can manage to go.

MCAS season is upon us. This is the state test that the students are expected to pass before graduation. I had a 6th grader for a one to one practice session. This kid is a Project Support kid, I follow him regularly to see if he has been keeping up with homework, classwork and anything else the teachers feel we need to make sure is taken care of.  This was Reading Comp. today. Read, answer some questions and some short answers. The practice sessions are for us as staff more than anything...making sure everyone is covered, receiving the accommodations they are entitled to. Tomorrow is 8th grade and on Friday it will be 7th grades turn.

We leave on Saturday morning, early, for D.C, This is a Rachel led trip. We will be going to the National Zoo, a night tour of the monuments and we are going to visit Mr Rogers sweater. She would like to go to Arlington Cemetery, and any other museum along the Mall. We'll need to see what time allows. I am so very lucky, she still likes to hang out with her mother and her friends.

Another small bit of information....Jack's kitty Chloe has had kittens. He called me all excieted Saturday morning, "Gammie we have babies". I would love to take a kitten, but I really couldn't do that to Buster. He has been an only cat for 11 years now I doubt he'd be very hospitable to a new addition.

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