Thursday, August 16, 2012

Like most people I didn't win the 300+million powerball last night. It really doesn't matter to me, but the people I had planned to share it with will be disappointed. Rachel wont be getting that Volkswagen beetle she has always wanted, no new tuba for Steve, Clayton and Katie wont get their loans for school paid in full, and my brothers and sisters, I am so sorry, I can't help you retire early. Jack wont have a trust fund to pay his college costs. Like the rest of us he will probably have to have student loans. The Middle School will have to put up with mean old Mrs. G for another year. 

What else could someone possibly do with that kind of money. Help some kids to college with a scholarship, buy some badly needed band uniforms, bathrooms on the football field might be nice, but what else?

I like my neighborhood, the people so kind to me since Gee died. I like my house, needs some updating and some basic stuff, paint and paper but why would I move just because of money? Could I use a few more bucks every month, sure doesn't everyone. That kind of money, not really. 

Money was something Gee and I never fought over....why fight over something you didn't have! We had enough. All the money in the world can't buy me what I want, Gee to be here. So like I said I'm only sorry that I can't help those I had planned to help.

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