Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pirate Jack

Pirate Jack came treasure hunting Friday night. We searched Aunt Rachel's room, Grandma's room, and Daddy's Room finally finding treasure in Freddie's bed in Grandma's room! Two shiny nickles that must have fallen out of my Eeyore bank.Babysitting is so much fun with a very active 3 year old boy.

Work has been a challenge for me these past couple of weeks. I have been "moved" to the 7th grade floor. I am still Project Support but now I follow three 7th graders. I have never handled change well, but this is really hard on me. Not that the 7th grade staff aren't welcoming, they are. However the floor doesn't have that family feel that happens on the 8th grade floor. Where else can you hear the science teacher screech out happy birthday to a student who brings him cake.... or hear Marcella yelling TATA....when he has called her class phone and prank called her......or Dern rolling down the hall in his "wheelie" chair to ask Mikey how to use ed-line.

Are they all certifiable, you better believe it. They are also the most talented and dedicated teaching staff in the district and I miss them terribly.

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  1. It sounds like you need to bring some of the 8th grade floor with you. Start acting as crazy as your friends. Share the good fun.