Monday, September 29, 2014

Lynda's Dream, Work and Finn

Lynda's Dream

My friend Lynda is what some people would say is a bit "different". What some people would call "sensitive". Certain things effect her, she has feelings about things and people. Seldom is she wrong about things she has feelings about.

So when she says she had a snip-it of a dream on Wednesday night/Thursday morning I was very interested. More so when she said her father was sitting at a table playing cards, laughing with Gee....whose hand made him say "ssshhhhiiittt" like he used to. Thing is, Thursday was Gee's birthday.


Work sucks right now. GB hasn't been medicated all week. She has been loud, argumentative, and just plain mean! I had to leave the room yesterday, if not, I would have said something I would have been sorry about. She can be mean but, I can be vicious.

JD spends the day spiraling about calling mom and saying "I want to go home" and being an out right ass to anyone who says no to her. I can't see myself doing this all year, they are the most tiring students I have ever had, having them both is just exhausting.


Finny is still a handful. Got into the cabinet and ate anything/everything he could. Pasta, Zateran's and Rice a Roni. The next day he was so sick. Hasn't deterred him at all. Today caught him with a broccoli stalk he dug out of the trash.With all his faults I don't know what I'd do without him!

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