Monday, March 30, 2015



Things at school are changing next year. The 8th grade is heading to the high school and the fifth grade is coming to the middle school.  There is going to be a reorganization of staff and everyone is wondering who's going and who's staying.

Kate and I are staying put, that much I know. We have 5 or 6 kids coming up to our program. Much more Autism based than our usual behavior kids. Our heavy hitters will be leaving us for "greener pastures" or so they think. I keep telling them we wont be there to look out for you next year, the high school does not have a program like ours. They really will be on their own.


Lynda and I have started a food pantry, weekend backpack program. What is it? It's a program that sends home food for a child that is very likely to not have enough to eat over the weekend. Each Friday these students find a backpack in their locker with enough food that they are assured to eat until they get back to school on Monday. This way things stay confidential and the kids who are part of this program are not singled out in any way.

Our staff  have been very generous with donations of food for these kids. Many drop off bags each week. They are always willing to give time, money and themselves for anything for the kids. We are hoping for a grant that will give us the opportunity to build some containers to plant fresh vegetables in. That way we can send home some fresh veggies.  I will not be a great help in this area. Plants are not really my strong point. I do not have a "green" anything.


Rachel has 5 1/2 weeks before graduation. She has been working so hard this past year. Full time student, full year placement at a Hospice facility and working weekends at Ocean State Job Lot. I am so very proud of her. She is defiantly her fathers daughter. So much like Gee, determined, smart and never gives up. She lives by her fathers words...."Impossible only takes a little longer"...

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