Thursday, June 25, 2015


The school district is moving everyone and everything somewhere this week. Eighth grade is going to the high school, fifth grade is coming to the middle school and a whole school is going somewhere else due to the fact that it is over 100 years old and has so many code violations.

Yesterday was the first day of the moving process. Packing. The eighth grade is going rather smoothly. Kate and I packed up the French room fairly quickly. Moving the contents to a classroom in the back of the library. Which is full of an ELL teacher's junk who isn't as direct as we were so we had to stack all that crap under a table because Mrs B had books and boxes and all kinds of stuff everywhere. She seemed to have a dilemma about everything she picked up, should she keep it, toss it, put it on the stage for an other to claim, or take it home. At this rate she wont be moved before August when the kids come back!!

It was obvious yesterday we should have held a how to dress during the move PD (professional development) I have never seen so many "bare feet"during a move in my life....sandals and flip flops everywhere. I guess they went to a different "moving" school than I did...NO OPEN TOE SHOES  PEOPLE you are moving heavy boxes! Well wouldn't you know it someone tore a toenail off their foot while moving something. ....a woman wearing flip flops and a maxi skirt tried to tip a fully loaded dolly and her foot slipped off and the rest was a bloody gory mess. What is the scariest part of the whole thing... these are teachers, most hold Master Degrees, they are supposed to be smart, educated adults.....guess they over slept during the common sense 101 class!!

As expected nerves were a bit frazzled. Having taken care of the 8th grade floor in record time Lynda and I were sent to help another teacher who was over whelmed with it all. She was spiraling in circles, what to keep, what to toss, haven't gone through that... the room was a mess and the movers were coming at 2.

The plan has been pack, move to a central local and the movers will distribute to the new location. Sounds simple doesn't it. Worked on the 8th grade floor like a charm. Well like the shoe thing not everyone was paying attention in class...we are in the middle of sorting a bunch of crap and we hear, "excuse me ladies"...well there's JP with a load of  @#%#. So being who I am I tell him that stuff should all be in the community room. Well it's easier for him to move it now. So this is where I went off, "well it isn't easier for the rest of us J. 'cause we have to keep stopping what we're doing to get out of your f___ing way!" As of Tuesday morning my cheery good morning to him fell flat.

Last day of school! It is sort of sad. We are loosing some good teachers to other schools and two good friends to retirement. We are getting a whole batch of 5th grade teachers that I'm sure are wonderful. Just change is hard.

My Kate has applied for a new job at the Middle School, Team Chair. This person is the go to person for all things SP-ED related. The powers that be would be well served if they pick her for the job. She is so qualified for this job. I will miss her so very very much if they do.

So once again change is in the wind.....the one constant, Mrs.G. I will be waiting for a new crop of the most challenging of students, the kids no one wants, no one understands, the ones who can need a mother, a councilor, a teacher all at the same time. The kids who need me....

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