Friday, April 15, 2016


Is there anything worse than serving detention on the Friday before vacation!

Well yes there is, being the detention supervisor on the Friday before vacation!

Today I started with two boys, both well known to staff. They are a handful but not really bad. Mostly they are the flunkies for another student, RS, that thinks he doesn't have to follow the rules. They asked the usual, what time is this over, can I call my mother....

Everyone gets the same speech.....

     If you sit quiet, do as your asked, no talking,are no problem, you will be out early, fool around, make trouble or don't listen you'll be here until 3:30, if I have to to throw you out, at anytime this detention wont count.

For the first ten minutes the two boys are quiet then here come RS with Sam. He will be joining us today for detention...IR starts fooling around with his pencil, TM starts I look up and RS is just smiling...I walked to IS an say very quietly..., if I were you I would move to the other side of the table so I wouldn't be tempted to fool around with RS...he looks at me and starts to say something but waits when I say, I will toss you right out of here....I DONT PLAY GAMES...he moved...TM was watching, I told him the same thing, he turns around....RS starts coughing, can I get a drink, no....I'm coughing I need a drink, no....I need to call my mother, no....she needs to know what time to get me, no.... I say, you can't leave, can't call, can't do anything until you are released from detention. If you continue you will be here way after your he's dancing to music in his head...but has no audience,.... R turn around, knock it off, or I will toss you and this detention wont count.....

Three o'clock comes....IR and TM you guys can go....RS looks at me, turns around saying nothing so I let him go at 3:10.

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