Monday, January 23, 2017


 Native people believe that red tailed hawks are messengers from the spirit world. That they come from loved ones....I always think of Gee when I see them.

Yesterday while taking Finn for a walk a big bird flew past us and landed on a tree branch...took my breath away... a red tailed hawk. He sat on the branch surveying the area.  He sat for a few seconds, took to flight, circled and flew off. I always feel better when I see these signs.....

 I never thought of these things before Gee died. For a long time after I would wake at night and see numbers...3:33, 5:55....until I said something to Lynda....she is "sensitive", has feelings, dreams of things....she told me that some believe they are signs from angels....feathers in your path....dragonflies and butterflies....Gee's cactus budding at strange times....

I really don't know what I believe, however I always feel a sense calm after I see one of these signs. As if Gee is still here with me. I miss him so very much.

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