Friday, December 31, 2010

angles on earth

The next time someone asks if you would like a cup of coffee think twice before you refuse. They just might be an angel on earth.

Clayton had just started kindergarten in the afternoon. There was a Dad at the bus stop who waited for his son who went in the morning. David worked in Boston and his wife was a waitress.  One afternoon we went to the bus stop and David wasn't there.... I thought his son, Derek, was ill and didn't go to school that day. But no Derek gets off the bus looking for his Dad. The bus driver left Derek in my care and we walked up the hill to his house. He was full of nervous chatter wondering what was wrong and why his dad didn't meet the bus. As we rounded the corner we saw a pair of legs sticking out from under a car. David had lost track of time trying to get the car fixed. From behind me I hear hi I'm Laureen, would you like a cup of coffee. Thankfully I said yes. A truer friend I could not have asked for.

All through the years she has been there. When my mother died she was there, when we were caring for my father, she was there. All through Gee's cancer fight she was there. Sometimes just an ear, sometimes a shoulder, but always there. She sat with Gee when I would get Rachel at school. She would help to clean his body when it was to much for him to help. She was there to hold my hand when they took him away from us. Ever present ever faithful and angel on earth.

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  1. There are, as you say, angels on this earth and there is no doubt that Laureen is one of them. Thank God you found each other.