Monday, November 19, 2012

I went to the cemetery today. It was a bright crisp day, sun shining, bit of a chill in the air. The guys were cleaning up old flowers getting ready for the wreaths that will be laid on the graves for the holiday season. The local VFW co-ordinates this venture. It really is quite the sight,all that green and red.

Gee's second year anniversary is coming up in a few weeks, December 18th. I think of him all the time, I can hear his voice in my head, his laugh so loud and genuine. I see his mannerisms when I watch Clayton. Rachel is so like him, she doesn't see it.

I have been having a bad time this past week. Not really sure why. Just haven't been feeling myself, just sad. These waves of sadness are not as frequent as they were in the past. I seem to manage them better when they do occur. Maybe that is what they mean by "Time heals all wounds", they don't really heal you just learn to cope with them better.

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