Thursday, November 22, 2012


I got a telephone call this morning from an old friend. Tony was in the army with Gee. We met him when Gee was stationed in upstate New York, Seneca Army Depot. Gee was stationed there after coming home from his last tour in Korea. I always refer to the little town we lived in as Hooterville. Romulus, NY had one variety store, one gas station, a post office, and a ton of churches.

Tony was one of a group of guys attached to Readiness Group. They spent the weekends training reservists. During the week these guys were at our house playing cards. We played Pinochle for a year, almost everyday.

Tony had a heart attack while playing volleyball, from then on he was forever known as Bad Heart.  Gee would tell him all the time, we don't do CPR here so you better not get excited when I kick your ass with this hand, Boston coming...

Those days were some of the best days we ever had. Tony, Flo, Anthony, Faulkner, some great guys. They would come over loaded with food and beer. We shared all we had, no matter how much or how little we had. We looked out for each other, Tony is still looking out for me.

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  1. Old friends are the BEST !!!
    Thank you and Gee for your service to our country. I always try to remember to add service members families when I thank them for their service because they go through a lot too.
    And Tony and the rest too.