Saturday, May 18, 2013


Would you think just the act of frying chicken would bring a flood of memories.....I didn't either, I was wrong.

Rachel requested fried chicken for dinner. I haven't fried chicken since Gee died. It was one of his favorite meals, chicken, collard greens, potato salad and cornbread. The last time I made that for him he was at the Highlands. I cooked for him everyday, just like he was coming home from work. I would come home from work and start dinner. When it was done I would pack it up and head to Fitchburg and we would have dinner. Teddy, Gee's roommate, was always welcome to join us.

I would get off the elevator and there was a CNA, a tall, black man, who would ask what was for dinner. He would tell Gee how lucky he was, my wife don't cook like that....  Gee would always say, "that's cause you ain't as pretty as me."

People I work with, mostly young and single, don't understand "how" I could do that. weren't you tired after working all day? Strangely no, or at least I don't remember being tired. Part of that was with Gee at the Highlands I was getting better restful sleep, not listening for his every move. Also, you just do the things you need to do. He needed to eat and wasn't going to eat the food that was served. He always said he wasn't, as long as I cooked what he liked! 

I still don't understand what is so amazing to people, my taking care of Gee. Maybe I never will. All I know is I can see that room as if I was standing in it...Gee's face lighting up when I walked in the room. I guess that's "how" I did it.

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  1. I can almost hear him saying "that's cause you ain't as pretty as me" in my head...