Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Went to Fenway Park Saturday, the first time in 40 plus years. The place still looks like I remember it. Only this time I was there because I wanted to be. My father made me go the last time.

I was with my cousins from Connecticut, my father's youngest brothers kids, who died very young in a plane crash, and the Hecker boys, the wild children, who lived up on the hill where my Grandmothers farm was. I was the only girl and the only one who didn't care for baseball.

My uncle had hired a bus, bought the tickets, and my father said I had to go...it might be the only thing I ever got out of Walt, he was so right!

I remember it was a Yankee game, my Connecticut cousins major fans. I sat with my youngest cousin, Dougie, who was keeping the score card and trying to explain what was going on. I don't remember who won, have to say I didn't really care, I was so board.

Fast forward to this game. The kids gave me two tickets to a Cleveland Indians game. Laureen and I headed to Boston in the rain. We parked at the subway station, managed to find our way to the park on our own.  Our seats were covered so we were protected from the rain. John Lester was pitching, David Ortiz is back from the DL, the Sox won, what more could one ask.... well, the annoying guy from Cleveland that sat behind us could have moved on. First he moved to that seat in the 6th inning, after the occupant's left, he had extraordinary eye sight, being able to call balls and strikes from the stands just to the left of right field. The best part of the whole game was the 2 run double that put the Sox ahead in the 8th that they never relinquished.

All in all it was a great return to Fenway....hope it doesn't take another 40 years to get back.

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