Saturday, January 4, 2014


My constant companion is coming to the end of his troubled life. He has dogie Alzheimer's and it seems he often doesn't know where he is. Over the past few weeks he has deteriorated. Drinks alot of water but eats very little. I carry him  upstairs every night.  He walks into things, stands with his head in a corner not knowing how to get out of it. Last week I left a cabinet door opened and he climbed inside and had no idea how to get out and it was no fun trying to drag him out either.

Rachel doesn't want to see his decline. She just sees the little dog who helped heal her heart when we lost Boss. A happy little guy, we found in a shelter. He had been there for two years, was already 7, had had heart worm, and was Lyme positive....we'll take him. The shelter worker cried, Freddie found a family.

 What they didn't tell us....he was a thief, nothing on the table or counter was safe not even butter, loved to chase cars, and had separation anxiety, peeing in the house every time we left him alone. He had a sweet and loving temperament. Loving all he met, even the veterinarian, unless she tried to look in his mouth.

He sleeps more and more of late. He paces at night, Rachel calls it sun downing, sometimes for hours on end. He is still interested in cookies, puts his head in my hand for a gentle rub on  his ears and every once in a while he looks at me with those soft brown eyes letting me know he's still my Freddie.

I dread his passing, he was my constant companion all during Gee's final stages. He was never more than three feet away always watching over me. He is a good dog that will be sorely missed, he came to us when we needed him the most. We will meet again if not in this life then the next.

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  1. I'm sorry for your pup's suffering. I have my own 2 and I dread the day they leave us. They really are family.