Friday, December 20, 2013

December 18.....Three Years

Three years gone, hardly a second has passed that I don't miss his laugh, his common logic, his words of hard earned wisdom. I find myself saying, "as Gee would say".... quite often.  I also find myself asking , what would Gee do, all the time. He was such an intelligent man. I often wonder what he would have become if he had the opportunities he made sure his children had.

So life has moved on for his children. Rachel will graduate in May. She is applying to graduate schools and hopes to find the money to go full time. Then she and Steve will set the date for the wedding. Right now all we really know is it will be in October, after they both graduate.

Clayton and Katie are waiting the arrival of the new baby boy. He is due in January. Jack can't wait to be a big brother. Has named the baby ...Calico Jack....I think he's been voted down. Clayton is loving his job in Boston. I don't think he likes the commute, but the excitement of the city appeals to him. Katie is settling in at the high school she works at. This year she will receive professional status.

Has life moved on for me? I guess I have to say yes, to getting used to being on my own. I get up and go to work everyday. Knowing I will have to be one of many people today, mother, teacher, councilor, for my students. This school year hasn't been bad for me. My new teacher is wonderful. Kate really knows what she's doing. Many of her plans take time to show improvement in behavior, however given some time they really do work. The game night ladies keep me busy. Lynda drags me to almost anything she can think off, school dances, school committee meetings, meat raffles and not to forget Christmas shopping.

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