Saturday, May 17, 2014


I know I said I wouldn't get another dog. Hurts to much when you loose them. I was done.

Well then Rachel starts surfing Look at this one, so dogs. Oh he looks like Bossy dogs. Isn't that the cutest face you've ever seen.....well yes it is. Lets stop by the shelter and check things out....

So enter Finnegan. Went right up to Steve...pat me pat me pat down, he's is Rachel, she was easy quick kiss and she was had. As for me, he smiles just like Fred. Do I need to spell it out ......

Finn came home with us. He is a bundle of energy. I forgot how Freddie was when we first got him all bouncy and always on the move. He loves to play fetch, walks well on a leash and is never more than 3 feet away from someone. He is a very happy guy who wants nothing more than for someone to pay attention to him.

We are working on sit, stay, come. Being part Aussie Shepard he is very smart...also very stubborn. The shelter lady was telling us that the breed can be challenging, after finding out that we have had a German Shepard she was no longer concerned. Boss also had a mind of his own.

He knows sit, when your holding his toys, or food but will just look at you if you have nothing in your hands.  Like Boss, he will be very persistent if ignored when he needs to go out, pawing at you saying hello I'm here , even at 4am.... another reminder of Boss. Every day we get to know each other better. Like many things our relationship is a work in progress.

So here we go again. Welcome Finny we already can't remember how life was without you.

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