Monday, June 30, 2014

Finn the Mouse Killer

Lets start at the beginning.....

Finn had just come to live with us. A bundle of energy. He came down to the basement while I was doing laundry. He was sniffing around exploring the new sights and smells of this new place. Up goes the ears and he runs off, only to come back a second later to drop a dead mouse at my feet.

Fast forward two weeks....

I went down to the washing machine and Finn stopped half way down the stairs. He must have seen something. The next thing I know he is dropping another dead mouse at my feet. Finn is a mouser! I guess it isn't really that surprising. After all his prey drive is so very high. He sees every squirrel, chipmunk and cat on a walk. Everything that moves makes those ears perk. If he wasn't on a leash he'd be off and running.

Finny, as I have come to call him, is such a wonderful dog. He wants nothing more that to be with people. He is so very friendly with everyone, tail wagging so fast you'd think it's coming off. Except older men in hats, doesn't like them at all!

 Everyday after I get home from school he very slowly maneuvers himself to sitting on my lap. First it's his head in my lap, then his chest, and finally his whole body, sighing like he has missed me so very much. I spoil him. Never have I allowed a dog on the furniture, he lays on the couch with Steve and Rachel. Just forget the beds....Finn sleeps with me every night, cuddles right up next to me, always touching me in some fashion.

I do wonder what his "story" is. The shelter people couldn't tell us anything about him, not where he came from or how he got to where he was. I can only say whoever gave this happy, wonderful guy up, THANK YOU!!

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