Sunday, January 29, 2012

Report Cards

The boys got their report cards on Friday. F did better than last term, but still failing two classes. No gym for him again third term, academic support with me. He is thrilled.

 A got all 80's!! He is going to receive the Most Improved Award for the term for Science!! His grade rose more than 20 points! What a difference a new medication can make. We keep our fingers crossed that he doesn't start having reactions to it. It has been about 6 weeks now and he is still doing great. We still need to work on his personal space issues, and the all about A things but I'm so happy for him. He said it was the first time he's ever been happy about bringing a report card home. WAY TO GO A!!!!!

So far I have been lucky, "knock on wood", and not gotten the new round of winter virus raging through the school. One of the science teachers came to school on Thursday, said his stomach just "wasn't great". By 9 he had thrilled his B block class with vomiting into his trash. I saw him yesterday, Saturday, at the school play, still looking pale. Everyone is covering everywhere. The sixth grade had 4 out of 8 teachers out on Friday.

As for the play....the costumes were great!!! Well I was the costume lady once again. Joanne, the director, did get alot of stuff from the theater guild. The kids did The Wizard of Oz and they were wonderful. I made some fantastic trees and doodlebug wings! I will help Joanne with the High School again this year. Shouldn't be much of a problem, Legally Blond, the kids will wear alot of their own clothes.

Half a year over, crunch time for the 8th grade. After February vacation they will pick their class for next year.  March brings MCAS testing, 8th grade tests in Math, ELA,read comp and writing, Science, Tech ED and I believe this will be the first year Social Studies is included. They will have to pass these tests to graduate.

New term begins....

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