Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I didn't want to get up today. I was dreaming of Gee. If no where but in my dreams he was with me. I felt his hand in mine, his gentle kiss, the warmth of him beside me.........and then I woke, and he was gone.

Gee was such a gentle man. Many who knew him wouldn't believe me, but he was. Even after spending most of his life fighting to survive, he still had a gentleness of spirit that amazed me to the end. Always believing there was someone worse off than he.

I had printed old pictures for his sister this weekend, he has been in my thoughts more than usual of late. He is always there but lately he is so close to the surface. Looking at pictures of Clayton's wedding, he looked tired but not gaunt, sickly and so very thin as he would so very soon after. The pictures of him and Jack, of he and Rachel, his smile so warm and inviting.

Rachel and I had a recent eye doctor appointment, Joel asked about him, not knowing he passed away.Another gentle soul, Joel, tears as he tells me he was so sorry, he had no idea, Gee never let on that he was so sick the last time he had been in.

 Gee touched everyone he met. Still, after a year I hear from people who knew him telling me how great he was.

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  1. A wonderful dream. Those are the best kind.
    Maybe he was telling you how much he still loves you.