Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Freddie is a rescue dog. We got him a few months after our German Shepard, Boss, died. He has been my companion for just over 3 years now. He came from a shelter at 7 years old, give or take, with some history of abuse, neglect and running the streets. So even now there are things about him I am cautious about. Holding his head when the vet is working on him is one. He growls at her, so I have to muzzle him. Like most dogs once released he hold no ill will, just looks for that cookie as a reward.

He has been licking himself bald in places. I have washed the areas with oatmeal, I have brushed him looking for fleas(remember this one), I have cut out any wheat products from his diet, finally I have taken him to the vet. Her verdict after $150 service charges and a $100 medication bill.....he has fleas!

FLEAS.....ok how can he have fleas when I can't find them, you couldn't find them and they aren't in the house. The cat doesn't have them.... she says, "Well if the symptoms head to fleas you should treat for fleas"....ok so I come out of there with an antibiotic, flea goop to put on his back, spray to relieve the itching and something for his arthritis. Really, I love my animals but damn!

So if the pills for his arthritis don't improve his hips she has a group of shots we could try.....2 shots a week, for 4 weeks, then I can give him a shot once a week....I didn't even ask the cost, ah no. Lets be realistic here. He's 11 years 5 months old, hearing going, eyesight going, joints going. He has doggie Alzheimer's, stands in the corner staring ahead at times, forgets that he was housebroken sometimes, he can be outside for an hour come in and pee on the floor, sleeps most of the time, I swear he goes into the bathroom and can't remember how to turn around to get out. I love my dog and I will do what I can to help him. I really don't need a vet making me feel guilty when blood work is over $200 and I have to say no...do they not understand that if I had the cash I'd do most anything for him. No matter how much I love him, he's a dog and everything has its priority.....unfortunately.

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