Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

This was the first Christmas in many years that I didn't have people over for dinner. Even the year Gee died my sister and her daughter brought lasagna. This year it was just  Rachel and I. I made a pot roast and later in the day she went to Steve's. I have to say it was rather enjoyable. None of the stress of making a big dinner with all the fixings.

Snowed last night and will snow for most of the day, 12+ inches expected before it's over. We have had a very mild winter, no snow at all yet. This will be the first time i need the snow blower this season. I have started it and have plenty of gas. Rachel is even home so I have some help cleaning up.

Fred was a bit reluctant to go out this morning. He had to go out the front door on the leash, the deck is buried right now and we can't get the door opened. He kept coming up to the door wanting to go in, it was cold and windy. After about 10 minutes of me looking at him saying JUST GO PEE, he did.

I have come to the conclusion that Fred will be the last dog for a while. I  have always said if your going to have a pet you have to care for that animal. The vet bills are challenging to say the least. His last trip kinda opened my eyes. If anything serious happened I wouldn't have the cash, the other option is depressing. I will miss not having a constant companion. Nothing can beat a good dog. We have been very lucky,  had two of the best. Boss would have protected us no matter what and Fred just loves being with you. His greatest gift is your company, never more than a few feet away, watching and waiting to please.

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