Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Another year, another new teacher.

Is this 8 or 9, I've lost count.

This one was worth the wait! Kate is a straight shooter, no bullshit kind of woman. Relatively young, just 30, smart, and funny. What more can you ask for.

Well for her to stick around for more than a year or two, might be good. She has been a sped director in a charter school. I asked her why the return to teaching?   She isn't certified for public school. Well, what's holding you back? She needs to put together a portfolio......really, that's it. What are you waiting for.  Not that this is an easy task, very time consuming, but if you have all the rest in place lets get going here!!

Not that I want to loose her to some other sped department, however she's to young and to good to waste her talents. She has plans for this program, Project Support, that are really innovative. Things no one and I do mean no one has even thought of before.  How about making the kids accountable for their actions!! Oh what a concept, who'd have thought it. Not giving in to them and suspending them, she calls it "shutting them down". Very much like in house suspension except your time in "isolation" doesn't even start until you comply to what ever got you there. It can be as simple as making it through the day without storming out of the room. Took one girl 3 days before she figured it out. Every day she left our room with out permission she was sent home....parents had to come get her and we would start again the next day. Sounds like she got her way, she got to go home, but the next morning we were back to phase one.....isolation..... no interaction with anyone but Kate or I, no social interaction at all, no breaks, no United Arts, no lunch with peers, nothing. She hasn't felt the need to storm out again.  She now has a new behavior program to follow, 3 ten minute passes to use as she likes to leave the go to guidance office, the nurse, or just to us for a cool down.... any banked breaks can be saved and traded for special privileges.  She does need to use them appropriately, ask the teacher to use a pass, tell the teacher where she is going and sign out of the room as all students must do. As of Friday, 2 weeks and going strong!

It is so nice to go to work and have someone who appreciates what you do everyday. Some one who knows these kids can erupt at any moment and still comes to work, not just for the paycheck, but because she loves working with them. We at the Middle School have been waiting a long time for Kate, just hope she sticks around for awhile. She says she's not going anywhere for a while....


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