Sunday, July 10, 2011

Field Trip

Summers growing up in my family was pretty predictable, a trip to Hampton Beach, Benson's Wild Animal Farm, and ice cream at Kimbell Farm. We would also visit a museum or a historical site. My father was what some people would call a history nut. It was a tradition in the family.

I have tried to carry this tradition with my own children. Clayton would go anywhere as long as it included food at some point. He enjoyed going to the places he could touch things. Higgins Armour Museum in Worcester was a favorite place. Rachel has lists of places she wants to go, from Washington DC to the Tower of London. For her 13th birthday, Ann and I took her and 3 friends to Boston. Where did she choose to go.... The Museum of Fine Arts of course.

This year Rachel and I visited the Mark Twain House in Hartford CT with Bruce and Jo. What a neat place. First we watched a short film about his life, which I found very interesting and then off to tour the house. While most of the house is restored and furnished with period pieces there are still a few areas not open to the public yet. There is also a small art gallery with paintings used for illustrations in special editions of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn by Norman Rockwell, one of Rachel's favorite artists.

We are headed next? A trip to see Mr. Rogers sweater isn't out of the question. I hear Washington is lovely in the fall.

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