Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jack and Grandma

I have had Jack all week, I must say I am exhausted! How can so much energy be inside such a little person! Clayton and Jack came home from Tennessee last Sunday. Katie stayed another week, her Uncle has been in the hospital, things are not looking very good.

Anyway being summer Jack only goes to day care once a week so he hung out with me and Aunt Rachel. With all the toys he has around him what does he play with here at Grammy's, plastic containers, and a spatula. We took him to Davis Farmland in Sterling. He just loves this place. All kinds of farm animals, goats,, sheep, cows, llamas, rabbits and chickens. There is also what they call a splash park. It is all fenced in so the kids can walk around and they have what is called a closed exit. To exit you must show the wrist band that matches with the kid you are with, very kid safe. Rachel wasn't thrilled, never did like petting zoo's," just not sanitary."

Jack will be so happy to see Mama today. He was such a good boy, but Grammy isn't Mama.

When I look at him all I can think of is how Gee loved this little guy. Couldn't wait to see him, hold him and talk with him. He's a firecracker that's for sure.

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