Saturday, August 6, 2011


Who would have thought that one kid can have so much crap in her room that it takes two rooms to hold it during painting!! I'm not even talking about bed and dressers, they are still in there.

Boxes upon boxes full of "stuff" she can't part with. Concert tickets on her white board, a prom ribbon, a felt flower she got when she got her wisdom teeth out, an ice cream spoon "taken" from Friendlies.....a "mooch spoon" the kids call them.....crap everywhere.  The cat slinks upstairs and hides under a chair, the dog is just in the way.

Finally after a late night vacuuming under the dressers, so gross, dust, hair, yuck.....we will start to paint today. celling, walls and trim. I hope to get half way done today Thursday, and finish on Friday. We have a birthday party on Saturday for Steve, 19, and on Sunday for Bradeigh, 1.


We finished Rachel's room yesterday. It is now a very bright blue/green. I hesitate to call it aqua, although it is a Disney color called under the sea, or something like that. We found some really great fabric for the curtains, a purple green blue tie dyed stuff, should look great.  Steve will hook up all her electronic stuff on Monday and Rachel needs to move all her crap back in. Hopefully she will edit as she goes. Not that I want her to toss her most beloved of treasures, but put some in a plastic bin and save them instead of  overflowing into Clayton's old room.

Today she is giving Steve his birthday gift....she Alan and some others are going to play paintball. I know the boys will love it but I doubt Rach will. She's not really the get dirty, hit me even though I know it's going to hurt kind of girl. She found this place in Chicopee where they have different playing fields, old barns, big rocks, all the stuff you need to play.

I have less than 3 weeks left before I go back to work! I can't say I'm not looking forward to seeing my friends at work, because I am.....but once again what I'm going to be doing is a mystery. New teacher, new policy, new students....seems the only thing that stays the same is Mrs. G. Oh well such is life at Gardner Middle School.

We are planning a trip to Washington DC over Rachel's spring break. Ann has been trying to get us to go for years. Laureen may join us too. It should be a great time!

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