Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lost in You Tube!

Has this ever happened to you? You start looking at one thing and you end up totally wrapped up looking for something else?

 I was watching the ball game, Red Sox loosing badly (what a surprise), so I started listening to some stuff on You Tube. I started with some Alan Jackson, then moved on to some oldies from the 60's. The Beach Boys were never a big thing with me, but I clicked on a Carl Wilson song, what a voice. Ok so now I'm searching for songs he sang, love Darlin. So I start to wonder who sings it now that Carl is no longer with us....well it's the drummer....and who is that drummer, none other than John Cowsill, yep from those Cowsills.

Now I start to remember all those songs the Cowsills sang. I start looking for their songs. Which leads me to a Canadian Country group from the early 90's, The Blue Shadows. Billy Cowsill is the lead singer. What a group...Love the song Deliver Me...having "discovered" this wonderful group I find Billy passed away a few years ago, hard living and addiction were major factors in his death. All this because the Red Sox are playing horrible baseball.


Lynda and I went to Royalston to hear Brett's band play. They were very good. It was open mic night and I now know where all the old hippies went! They are alive and well in the woods of Royalston. I couldn't believe all the people there. This is a little New England town in the middle of nowhere, the venue is upstairs in the town hall. Like most small towns everyone knew each other and they all wondered who we were until Brett from on stage introduces us as his groupies, woot woot Brett. It was fun, one of Lynda's many ideas to get me out of the house...she feels I spend to much time at home alone with my thoughts.

There was a man there, mid sixties I would say, so reminded me of Gee. Moved so smoothly over the floor, like he felt the music instead of just hearing it. Gee loved to dance and would dance with everyone. As I watched him a wave of such sadness over came me. Lynda must have been watching me because she says...He reminds me of Gee......its always right there, just under the surface.......

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