Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sleep, School and other stuff

The darkness of sleep has comforted me since Gee has passed. So often I have lost myself in that warm blackness. I seldom remember my dreams, most of the time they are a safe place to hide from the world. Lately however sleep eludes me. If I fall to sleep easily I wake up very early, have great difficulty getting back to that elusive reward. I guess the strain is starting to show. The Dean asked me if things were alright with me, I looked very tired. So as always I told her what she wanted to hear...I'm fine.

I will soon be starting a class on curriculum modification. It's a graduate level class the Principal, Chris, is offering. My friend Lynda is taking it too, we have been modifying class work for our students for years, inclusion needs a helping hand every once in a while. It will be great having some direction for what we are doing. That and she thinks I spend to much time home alone.

Next week she is dragging me to watch Brett, another teacher, and his band perform. We had planned on going once before however the night we were supposed to go we got one of the three snowstorms we had this winter! Another attempt to get me out of the house.  I always have a good time when we all get together its just getting motivated to go.

There are changes coming at the school next year...Jamie, my new teacher, is hoping to go back to the little kids, the RISE teacher is looking to go back to pre-school also. I would be very happy to get out of the behavior room. I would like the RISE room, this is the place I've always wanted to be. I did my internship in this room, though it's name then was Life Skills. I have enjoyed working with the kids I work with. It does take it's toll on you though. I'm tired of the endless roller coaster I walk into everyday. I guess this year more than any other year I feel  unsuccessful. The kids don't seem to have made any strides into getting back into the main stream classrooms. If anything a couple of them have gotten more needy. Other than A, I feel we have made no progress this year at all. Very discouraging.

Rachel has less than a month left of classes. She will be home the 9th of May. She is still looking for a job but hasn't had much luck, neither have I for that matter. I was hoping not to do summer school this year. I ended up at the pre-school last time and I'm just not suited for it. We will just have to wait and see what comes along. As Gee always said things will always work out in the end...

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