Friday, March 18, 2011

Back to the Real World

Well we're back. Did we have a wonderful time! I hope Laureen and Ann had as great a time as Rachel and I had. Why do we love going to Disney World, I have no idea. All I know is we already plan to return. I guess it has a comfort factor that draws us there.

We met some really interesting people. A gospel group from Wisconsin. All wonderful singers, one of whom won the American Idol Challenge at Hollywood Studios. They sang many songs on the bus ride from one of the parks. The little girl from Pennsylvania who was on her very first trip and could hardly contain herself. She was going to meet Mickey Mouse. The elderly couple who came with their great grand children, how great is that! There were people from all over the world.

Freddie was at the vet for the week. The report I got made me feel so much better. Having come from a shelter, I felt guilty putting him in the kennel, he had a great time! Had a walk everyday, had his nails trimmed, and had other dogs to play with. I was happy to see how excited he was to see he didn't have to much of a great a time. The cat is overly friendly too. He has been a lap cat for the past few days. Clayton said by Thursday he was hissing at him.

After all Rachel has been through these past few years she needed this kind of time... she has been so strong and comforting, I wish I could have spared her the pain, or by doing that, would it have taken precious time away from her and Gee. I don't know. She worries about everything, me, Fred, grades...everything. So for a few days in Florida all she thought of was having fun. For that, thanks Disney!

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