Saturday, May 28, 2011


This is the first year since Rachel was at Elm Street in the 4th grade, and started band, we wont be going to the parade. Instead we are going to the service at the Veteran's Cemetery where Gee is buried. Tomorrow or Sunday I will bring some flowers for around his stone. The flags are already in place, very impressive.

It really is a beautiful place, always someone working, keeping it looking great. I was there on Thursday, a man was trimming the grass around the stones. When I pulled up and started walking to Gee's stone this man stopped working, so it would be quiet, I told him to keep working, he wasn't bothering me at all. The pride these men who work at the cemetary have in their work shows everywhere you look.

Cancer Walk

 I am collecting money for the cancer walk at MWCC, June 10-11. I have told the teacher who is the captain of the GMS team I will raise money and I want to walk but I am not sure I will be able to. Not to worry she says, they have so many teachers that sign up I shouldn't beat myself up if I don't/can't come.  She did say I may want to wait until Saturday....Friday night is such an emotional night, the ceremonies, survivor walk, all that stuff. So we'll see if I can bring myself to go.

 Feel free to send me a check to help fight cancer...or just give something to the American Cancer Society, so many people will be grateful. Gee and I recieved such great care, free perscriptions for drugs not covered by our insurance, $1400 a month for just the shots he needed, and so much more. If not a cure then maybe newer and better treatments will be discovered.

My hope is that no one else need go through all that Gee did. He never complained. He never said "why me" or anything even close. He faced cancer like he faced everything else in his life, head on, no excuses and no complaints.

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