Thursday, May 5, 2011

music and memories

Music is a powerful thing. It brings emotions to the surface that have been hidden for longer than I care to remember. Oldies, blues, country, folk, show tunes and sound tracks, I love them all.

I find that certain songs elicit particular emotions. John Denver always touched my heart, now he brings tears.....Annie's Song ........I always think of Gee and all the things I wish I had said and all the things I'm sorry I did. His song  Mathew always brings thoughts of my father, wonder if he had a childhood anything like that song. 

The radio station I always listen to is an oldies station, wror, 60's,70's, and 80's, junior high, high school and a bit beyond. Not all memories of my teen years are happy ones, god I hated high school. I work with the wife of someone I went to high school with. Mike goes to all the reunions, our 35th is coming up. He asks will I be going, ah no, I didn't like you people when I had to be around you why would I pay to spend an evening with you....well Mike was okay, but most of the others, no. The only thing worth anything at all that came out of the 70's was Gee, met him when I was 18 and thank God everyday for bringing him to me. Scares me to death to think where I'd be if he hadn't come to save me.

I found a CD Gee listened to all the time, homemade mix of the Blues. Johnnie Taylor, Members of his favorites, and Tina of coarse. Did he love Tina Turner! I wanted to get him tickets a few years ago, she was going to be at Great Woods. I made the mistake of asking him if he'd like them. HELL NO he said as soon as he heard how much...never spent a dime on himself.....I so wish I had just bought them.

Music and memories............

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  1. HaHaHa...I just had a vision of Uncle Gee listening to Tina Turner while driving 40mph on rt. 495...
    Yes, dave and I have both witnessed him (on separate occasions ) going at a snails pace in his red truck and not giving a crap about the line of 10 or so cars he was holding up. Thanks for the smile :)
    I hope you are holding up okay. My folks are planning on visiting a few days the week of Memorial Day.