Sunday, December 18, 2011

365 DAYS

Today is the anniversary of your death. You have been gone for a full year now. I think of you everyday and wonder what my life would have been but for the blessing of you.

With all the bad choices fate, God, something found me worthy of finding you. You were far from a saint yourself but somehow we made it through all those hard times.

I can't believe how fast it all went by. It seems like yesterday you were walking into Paul's....."he's not big" I said to Gail, after seeing you for the first time, when she asked if a big black guy, Sgt G. had been in. As usual you laughed.

Of all the things I miss about you, your laugh I miss the most, full, loud and so genuine. You would laugh with you whole body, everything moved when you were particularly amused.

Rachel and I went to the cemetery to see you today. We were surprise to see someone had visited you before us, leaving you a nip of Seagram's 7, always your drink of choice.  I wish you well on your journey, my love. You are always in my heart.

Always and Forever

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