Thursday, December 29, 2011

the trouble with pets

With Clayton and Katie down south Rachel and I have been caring for the animals. Tucker, the dog, Sophie and Cloe, the cats and Jacks fish. All was going well then we got a wind storm, gusts to 50 miles per hour, that blew open the basement door, where the cats were. When I got to the house in the morning I find a very big male cat in the basement with Sophie between him and Cloe hissing up a storm puffed up at least twice her size. The big male runs out the door and I get it shut, wedging a chair against it hoping to keep the door shut with the very high winds. Didn't work. Rachel found the door opened again when she got there in the afternoon to take the dog out and found no cats in the basement.

Great, why couldn't this happen when Clayton was home! So I go up to look for the cats. Sophie is an outdoor cat, she'll come home when ready. Cloe on the other hand they don't let out. Clayton got her at work from someone who found her and her litter. She is a very young cat, that they haven't bothered to get fixed yet... by the time I got to the house Sophie is in her chair, taking a bath. No Cloe in sight.. Ok start with the kitty kitty outside, nothing....get some food shake shake shake....nothing. Well the only thing we can do is wait and see if she comes later. About 11pm I'm walking around Clayton's doing the same kitty kitty nothing....crap..his neighbors looking out their windows at the crazy person looking for a cat in what is going to be the coldest night we have had all winter, wind chills the whole thing.....hope she'll be ok, she'll be waiting in the morning I tell myself and leave before I get arrested!!

This morning, no cat... I walk around the house ...Cloe here kitty... who runs out from under the porch, the big male...great maybe she's under the porch....kitty kitty....nothing ....damn....go in the house open the basement door only Sophie...tied Tucker out....and started looking around, here kitty kitty...nothing ok hopefully she'll come when she gets hungry. All the while I'm talking to's all Clayton's fault for not fixing that old door...she's gone, all my fault...on and on....go into the house to feed Tucker and Sophie and who do I see sitting, washing her face...Cloe!

Where she was I have no clue, must have been in the basement through all of this, just didn't feel like coming out.....I am just grateful I don't have to tell Jack that Grammy let his Cloe get out and she was gone.

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