Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random Stuff

 Rachel and I put up the Christmas tree. So many ornaments, so many memories.

Gee's "Fowl" ornament, a bird in a striped shirt,  he laughed so hard when the kids gave it to him.  The old glass ornaments that came from my grandmother. The snowmen my mother made. The Santa that was my fathers when he was a kid. The ones the kids made that are beautiful to me, and they seem embarrassed about. Each one has a story, where it came from, who it belonged to, how it connects us to the past.

I think that is why I give ornaments to all the kids. To give them a memory of what was going on in  their lives the year they got them. So they can look at them and tell their children I got that ornament the year...

The "game night" ladies and I went to a John McDermott concert last night. What a voice. He was performing at a local college. Sometimes when you see a live performance you're disappointed. With editing and all the electronic clean up, if you will, the voice sounds different. Not last night, he was clean and clear, like you were listening to a recording. My only disappointment, he didn't sing The Old Man, one of my mothers favorites. Instead he sang some Christmas carols, Silent Night has never sounded so beautiful.

So where has the time gone? On Tuesday I will be 54 year old. To some they may say yeah and.... I sure don't feel "Middle Aged" I still feel like a kid. I get as excited as the kids each time we plan a new adventure. Be it Disney or DC, a whale watch off the Cape, or a road trip to who knows where. I don't want to grow up, stop getting excited about roller coasters, scary movies all that stuff. I really can't wait until Jack is older and can be adventurous with Grammy...what adventures lie ahead......

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  1. What would a Christmas Tree be without the old hand-me-downs, the "special"
    and the kid ornaments. To me that's what Christmas is all about.