Monday, October 24, 2011


I have a real dislike for Mondays. The kids come back from the weekend all crabby and mouthy. It's only been two days. I find myself saying things like.... I don't care how you talk at home, around here you can't call each other B****, or anything else like it. I really can't believe I spend my days saying things like that. Today I had to tell a kid to go spit out that pencil eraser ( metal top and all). It's a choking hazard. These are 8th grade regular ed kids. Not my kids, who it wouldn't surprise me to say these kinds of things.

I spent more than 30 minutes today cleaning the copy machine of stuck paper. After that I tried again same thing happens. I went to the office, still covered in black ink and the secretary proceeds to tell me all I need to do is pull the paper out. After asking her what in the hell do you think I've been doing for the past half hour...well that was in my head....what I said out loud was I put an out of order sign on it and I have to go back to class....

My student A decides he isn't going to do anything but walk in circles around desks. The teacher tells me to do some "planned ignoring", this is part of his behavior plan, ok I know I don't have a PHD like the guy who wrote his behavior plan....but this is stupid. I'm supposed to ignore his behavior, let him be a distraction for the others in the classroom. How am I going to tell one of them that they can't do the same behaviors A does. Why is it ok for him but not them....guess that didn't come to mind as he was writing the plan.

Tomorrow is a half day.....all the middle school kids will be heading to all the fast food joints....look out downtown!!!

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