Monday, October 3, 2011

Deerfield Fair

The Deerfield Fair is one of those many country fairs going on in New England this time of year. This is the 135th year. We love going. Except for Rachel's freshman year and the year she was born we have gone to this fair every year. They have horse pulls, cattle pulls, cows, goats, pigs , chickens, 4-H, craft entries, flowers, vegetables the list is endless.

It also has food vender's. Yes we eat our way through the fair. Always the same order, how else could you be sure to see everything. We try to get there early, Huge donuts for breakfast....walk through the cow barn and the draft horse barn....time for pizza or baked potato.....walk through the commercial buildings, checking out the new snow blowers (I'm buying one this year), through the flower building, time for buffalo, either burger or sausage, but don't eat the bun, save room tor more food....go through the craft building, beautiful quilts, knitted things, paintings and photos, oh the cheese some great cheddar, xxx sharp, of coarse there are samples...lets head over towards the horse jumpers, time for fries, not that guy, to greasy, the guy near the ring.....get a large to share, watch some horses walk towards the sheep dog demo, the farmer talks of his old dogs and we know all their names...Pete the pig dog, Rosie the one who was hit by lightning,Nell, Rosie's mother.....head over to the 4-H buildings, all the projects by the local groups....time for apple crisp with ice cream.....

OK the sky is looking a bit dark, 60% chance of rain... have eaten all the have to foods...seen everything except the horse pull, but that's not until the afternoon so we call it a day and head home. We really called it, we hadn't made it to the highway before it started to pour, like the skies just opened up.  Once again we had a great day, lots of good food and something to look forward to for next year!

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