Wednesday, October 26, 2011

George and Edna

I spent the afternoon yesterday sitting with my friend Laureen's mom, Edna. George had a doctors appointment and Edna can't be left alone anymore, she has Alzheimer's. I knew from the time I walked into the house she no longer remembers me. This woman who was so very funny, insightful and a stand in grandma for my children after my mother died is slipping away. She was confused. Wondered why I was there and where was George. She played with her hair and smoothed out her clothes. Then I asked her where she met George....

She wasn't sure, but knew it was a long time ago. She also told me about when she was younger she would come home from school, put her bathing suit on and walk down the street to the ocean and swim with her brother and sister. How she went to high school at Brainbridge Academy. How her mother would cook for the old people in the neighborhood. How she used to tap dance on the stage and sing with her brother on the radio....

George came home, carrying his oxygen tank. His doctor increased his oxygen to 2.5. About two years now he had part of his lung removed. At almost 90 he still cares for Edna, tells his children he does not want to be separated from her, but is showing signs of becoming over whelmed.

I am saddened because these wonderful people, who only want to spend the last of their lives together are being robbed because of a horrific disease has invaded her mind and taken the joy she once had in life and is taking her away from him one little piece at a time.

I so wish I had spent more time listening to the stories my parents told, my grandparents and George and Edna. Why didn't I listen more, when they all had the time to tell me the stories of their lives? My parents and grandparents are gone, George and Edna will soon follow. another piece of the past lost to us forever.

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