Sunday, October 16, 2011

walk in the woods

What a difference a day makes....went walking on the bike path this afternoon. It was a cool, crisp, fall day, sun shinning about 60, just gorgeous. I really love this weather. Had alot of time, just me quiet looking over the lake. Watched a blue heron fly over. The water was shinning and sparkling like only a lake in New England can do, surrounded by leaves of red, orange and gold. Makes me wonder why I don't do that more often. The calming effect was unbelievable, almost magical.

So what revelations have come to me on this magical walk? What pearls of wisdom do I have to offer? Well one thing I have to stop letting things at work get to me when there is nothing I can do about them. I can't worry about things I have no control over. Gee always said worry doesn't help any.

 I have also realized that I will never get over Gee's death, not really. I will have good days and bad days and that's ok. On good days I will rejoice in the memory of how very lucky I was to have had such a wonderful man in my life. On bad, well self pity and tears for that same wonderful man or for myself.  Grief is such a lonely thing. It doesn't matter if you are surrounded by loved ones you are alone. It will consume you if you allow it. That wasn't an option for me...I promised Gee to be strong so I have tried to be.

A walk in the woods....

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