Sunday, November 6, 2011

One very long week finally over. We have had the absolute day from hell. A was just uncontrollable. Literally banging his head against the wall. Why one might ask....he tells me he likes doing it. He found out that wouldn't get him suspended so he took a marker and drew on the rug. Now he's happy, 3 days at home, destruction of school property.

 F's and his sister come running down the 7th grade hall way, B pushes F into the wall yelling "give me the money." Guess F took money from his Mom and she needed it back. After tackling F, B got the's a family thing says the Dean of Students....well maybe but it happened in front of a hallway full of other kids.

The 8th grade had the yearly "talk" with the principle....keep your hands to yourself, none of the usual nonsense, including public displays of affection, corn dogging, for those uninformed that's a knee to the butt, bottlecaping, poking one in the throat, or nipple twists, one of the boys favorites, and the newest nasty, "it's just something we do"thing they have come up with...licking each other. Yup you read correctly they lick each other. This years 8th grade is sooo tiring. They are loud, rude and just down right nasty to each other, never mind staff. These are the worse behaved kids we have seen in alot of years. On of the 7th grade teachers told us last year, "Just wait, these guys are the worse..." she was right.

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