Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Snow Snow and more Snow

It's only October and we have gotten 24" of snow. If that isn't bad enough my snow blower wouldn't start!! With the help of one of the neighbors I got it all cleaned up. Well most of it anyway. I still have some on the deck to get rid of, but the dog can get out and most of the weight is off. First chance I get I'm off to the Toro store for a new snow blower. I can feel my muscles already, took two aleve and now I just hope I can get up in the morning!!


Well my credit card balance is a bit heavier....just bought a new snow blower. What a beast, Rachel says the other snow blowers wont laugh at us anymore. The one I picked turns on its own, no muscling needed, so Rachel should be able to run it if necessary. One of the neighbors told me to go to this place, the service everything they sell, pick up and delivery free,.. he got his there and wasn't anymore expensive than where I I just hope I don't need it!

Rachel has been home since Sunday, Westfield has had no power. She got the all call yesterday, classes resume on Wednesday morning. She was really happy about being home, she got to hand out candy last night, just loves Halloween. Jack was so cute....Superman to the rescue!!

My schedule is changing at work again. This time it is because of one of my students can't seem to behave in his classes. He will spend most of his day in my room until he can. He will be "so plesant" when he finds out this morning when he gets back from being suspended, for the 3rd time this year....yes it is only November 1st. Otherwise nothing changes at the Middle School.

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