Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday, New Week, No Teacher

It is always hard for the kids I work with to come in on a Monday.  it is also the first day back after Thanksgiving break. Top it off, they wont have a teacher until next week. We have had a hard morning.

A came in this morning in a fairly good mood, first hour was good. Then F comes in. He's bored, hates school, wants to go name it he yells it today. He is so tiring. Finally I said do you really think you're the only one who wanted to stay you think for a moment that I wanted to come today knowing what the day was going to be like....he looks at me with this "really" look. You don't like it here?

Dan was in today for a short time, he is from the May Institute. He has been observing A making some recomendations for behavior plans. He hasn't seen the two kids in the same room together as of yet. He will see them on Wednesday, can't wait for that to happen, 

The new teacher starts Monday next week. She was "bumped" from one of the lower grades during the last round of cutbacks. Everyone keeps telling me how great she is, how experienced she is.....I'll believe it when I see it. Until then the Dean of Students wanted to know if I wanted her to get a sub. So I get to do all the work and not get paid for it......aaahhhh no.....I'll manage thanks, not the first time at the dance so they say.

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  1. eww. my thoughts are with you and your kids - sometimes we just want to slap them (the kids AND the administration sometimes)
    :) I'm looking at trying to take a week or so vacation up to see everybody this summer. we'll see if we can!