Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"White" Thanksgiving

I just read an article at I found myself laughing and thinking this must have been what Gee said to himself the first big family get together he attended. The article talks of this black woman visiting her white boyfriend's family for the first time. They walk in and she begins to wonder if they are early, she can't smell the collard greens cooking, looking at the table she sees no hot sauce, or anything that would require hot sauce for that matter. Never mind the chitlins, or corn bread....

Then I thought how our family meals had changed with Gee coming into our family. We never had collard greens, or fried cabbage, fried corn what could that possibly be, and candied sweet potatoes had not been the tradition they have become. Not to mention potato salad, deviled eggs and sweet potato pie. Who in our family would have ever bought a ham hock and know how to cook them without him. Ribs and chicken wings, grits and eggs, cornbread and biscuits the list is endless. Never mind the fine art of BBQs over charcoal.

How he enriched all of our lives..... and dared to ask my mother, "where's the meat!!"

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