Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February Vacation

I no longer have the excuse of being to busy for not going through Gee's things. I am not looking forward to doing it but it needs to be done. I think I will start with the closet. The only things I'm keeping is Gee's uniform and stuff that fits....everything else is getting tossed. Come spring we are getting a dumpster, cellar, back shed and garage all getting cleaned out.

Gee never threw anything away, we have so much crap in the cellar, paint cans, 3" pieces of plastic pipe, empty boxes, old computers.The back shed is full of old stuff he wouldn't toss, an old mattress, pieces of wood that aren't good for nothing, old rakes he was going to fix, and old lawn mower, just a bunch of crap. So much junk. After cleaning out my Dad's house, my brothers and sisters all said they were going to go through all the junk they had to avoid the need for the dumpster....well I didn't do that, I wonder if they did?

Closet and Dresser

For people who never go anywhere we sure had alot of clothes. I at least have a slight excuse....my clothes were of many different sizes, some of which I was amazed I ever fit in. Gee's on the other hand, no matter how old they were they were the same size throughout, 32x34. He had 15 pairs of jeans, no one needs that many pairs of jeans, tee shirts, button shirts and a few things I would have to say were probably 25 years old. I saved only two things that someone couldn't wear, his uniform and his tee shirt that says, "THE ONLY ONE WHO REALLY KNOWS WHATS GOING ON" seeing that shirt brought the tears. The kids gave him that shirt on his birthday maybe 15 years ago. Clayton found it in I think a Hallmark store. Did he laugh when he opened it, wore it to work the very next day.

I did get rid of the softball coat he, Tom and Phil had made...his and Toms said THE CHOCOLATE CONNECTION on the back, Phils was the same but for the word caramel written in script under because he was white...

So much stuff, but then it seems like so little....8 bags holds what used to seem so important, so much a part of what was thought to be Gee....the clothes will soon be gone, but he himself is here with me and will remain in my heart....so when I see a red and white baseball jacket I can smile knowing that once there was a jacket that said the Chocolate Connection on the back.....

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  1. Confession time . . . we threw out squat . . . nada, not one bloody thing and have more junk now than ever . . . I did give about two book shelves worth of books that someone else is reading now . . . I feel proud of that . . . a dumpster would not work for us, we'd need a truck . . .