Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ironing....who'd have thought

The simplest things can bring memories. Today I was ironing, I hate ironing, and I was flooded with memories.

 When Gee was in the army, before they had perminate press uniforms, he would come home at lunch every day and change his uniform, couldn't yell at troops if you looked as bad as they did. His uniforms were starched so much he would have to put his two hands in and spread them apart, making this ripping noise, before he could get into them . His boots, toes and heels, were so shining you could see yourself in them. He was the First Sargent and everyone who saw him new it....

And then there was the time I came home from work to the sight of all my pajama's laying on the deck railing drying. When I asked Gee why, he told me it was because the last time he did laundry I yelled at him for putting my pajamas in the dryer.....At first I didn't understand then it hit me....he had washed and dryed my brand new linen pants. They not only shrunk but were in him they were pajama pants....

or the time I came in the door, Rachel and Steve behind me. We see Gee carrying a pot of steaming water up the stairs telling me the tub is stopped up. He had been plunging and pouring water and liquid plummer for the past few hours. I went in and he's plunging and plunging and nothing was happening. He's telling me to go call Micah, the I don't think we need him.....I reach over and lift the handle and unstop the can fill in the rest.....

Maybe I don't hate ironing as much as I thought


  1. Hehehe.... the tub made me giggle :)
    Oh I love you too :)

  2. HaHaHa...I hope you had at least had a little smile on your face while remembering these "GEE Moments"...thanks for sharing!

  3. I was remembering one of his visits with us when we lived in St. Charles . . he was driving a truck the length of which covered the length of our entire front yard . . . we had gone to a basketball game and Gee met, Emily's then boyfriend, a fellow of 6 feet 6 or so . . . he named them 'high and low' . . . "high" and "low" played in the band; "high" was a foot taller than all of the boys on the court . . . he made a joke out of that one too.